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  • "Leadership Northern Poconos” is sponsored by The Chamber of the Northern Poconos. 

     To download an application please click here.

    The purpose of Leadership Northern Poconos is to educate a group of potential leaders residing or employed in Wayne or Pike Counties about all aspects of the community. Their education will allow them to gain a better, more in-depth knowledge of the community and thereby become better prepared to be our future leaders.

    As a result of Leadership Northern Poconos, the area will have access to a well-educated group of individuals that is capable of providing leadership to the community and the many volunteer organizations that operate within it. These individuals will have a better understanding of the community’s strengths and weaknesses. They will have experienced teamwork by choosing, developing and completing a project during the ten to twelve month period of the program.

    Our goal is to develop the future leaders of the area.

    It is a one-year program that will entail spending one full day each month learning about such topics as an Overview of the County, Economic Development, County and Local Government, Criminal Justice,  Health Care, Human and Social Services, Culture and Community, and all topics that are important to Wayne and Pike Counties. Classes are instructed by persons experienced in the preceding fields.

    In September 2016, we launched Junior Leadership Northern Poconos.  This program is specific to high school juniors of Forest City, Wallenpaupack Area, Wayne Highlands and Western Wayne High Schools.  To download an application please click here.

  • Session Outline and Faculty

    Session One - September
    Leadership - Debbie Gillette - The Chamber of the Northern Poconos

    Session Two - October
    Overview of Wayne County - Tom Shepstone – Shepstone Management

    Session Three - November
    Local & County Government - Craig Rickard - Wayne County Director of Planning

    Session Four- December
    Arts & Culture - Maura Rottmund - Wayne County Library Alliance

    Session Five - January
    Education - Greg Frigoletto - Wayne Highlands School District Superintendent

    Session Six - February
    Community & Human Services - Andrea Whyte - Wayne County Human Services Administrator

    Session Seven - March
    Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice - Janine Edwards - Wayne County District Attorney

    Session Eight - April
    Health Care - Dave Hoff - Wayne Memorial Hospital CEO

    Session Nine - May
    Economic Development - Mary Beth Wood - WEDCO Executive Director

    Session Ten - June
    Environment, Recreation & Tourism - Katie Lester- Talon Energy District Manager

    Anna Allen | The Dime Bank
    Margaret Allen | Bold Gold Media
    Karen Aughe | Southern Wayne Regional Chamber
    Matthew Barrett | Western Wayne School District
    Tiffany Bennett | Pennstar Bank
    D. Jean Birmelin | The Dime Bank
    George Brown | Highlights For Children
    Kate Bryant | The Honesdale National Bank
    Gerard Burns, Jr. | Wayne Highlands School District
    Donna Burrowes | Wayne County Commissioners
    John Carmody | Wayne Bank
    Tanya Carrelle | Western Wayne School District
    Lisa Champeau | Wayne Memorial
    Peter Chapla | Western Wayne School District
    Mary Carol Cicco | The Dime Bank
    Dino Ciliberti | The Wayne Independent
    Steve Clark | Aqua Pennsylvania
    Carolyn Copp | Wayne Memorial Health System
    Jennifer Cruciani | The Dime Bank
    Alice Cummiskey | Wayne County Library
    Janette Davis | The Dime Bank
    Nancy DeYoung | Wayne County Chamber
    Patricia Dunsinger | Wayne Memorial
    Cheryl Duquette | Workforce Wayne
    Stephen Ehrhardt | The Dime Bank
    Tamlyn Ebert | Wayne Highlands School District
    Chrissy Elliott | A.M. Skier Agency
    Kim Erickson | Wayne Memorial
    Carleen Faatz | Wayne County Human Services
    Steve Fountain | The Wayne Independent
    Ryan French | Wayne Bank
    Sarah Fritz | The Dime Bank
    Brian Fulp | Himalayan Institute
    Debbie Gillette | Wayne County Chamber
    David Good | M3 Internet Marketing
    Amy Griffith | The Weekly Almanac
    Emily Grillo | The River Reporter
    Frances Gruber | Attorney
    Cynthia Hall | Wayne County Human Services
    Tammy Hardler | The Honesdale National Bank
    Laurie Harrington | The Honesdale National Bank
    Ray Hebden | Wayne Bank
    Terri Henderson | Wayne Memorial
    Keriann Horan | Wallenpaupack Area School District
    J. Michael Johnson | Top Notch Distributors
    James Kaufman | Wayne Highlands School District
    Amanda Kerna | Wayne Highlands School District

  • Lorraine Kloss | Wallenpaupack Area School District
    John Dretschmer | Wayne Higlands School District
    Julie Kuen | Wayne Bank
    Donna LaBar | Wayne County Chamber
    Mary Denise Malloy | Wayne Woodlands
    Janice McConnell | Wayne Memorial CHC
    Paul Meagher, Jr. | Meagher Insurance
    Matthew Meagher | Attorney
    Tim Meagher | Re/Max Wayne
    Walter “Skip” Mendler
    Daniel Miller | deWitt Media
    Fawn Miller | V.I.P.
    Kelly Monahan | Wayne County Library
    Linda Moran | Wayne Bank
    Jack Mundy | SEM Hospitality
    Mary Ann Olver | Cove Haven Entertainment Resort
    Bill O’Neill | Re/Max Wayne
    Julia Perry | Cove Haven Entertainment Resort
    Mindy Petriello | WEDCO
    Anne Priebe | Connections Magazine
    James Ratliff | The Honesdale National Bank
    Craig Rickard | Wayne County Planning
    Tiffany Rogers | The Settlers Inn
    Michael Rollison | The Honesdale National Bank
    Janet Salkoskas | The Dime Bank
    Diane Scarfalloto | Western Wayne School District
    Elizabeth Schloesser | State Representative Birmelin
    Cathleen Shea
    Nancy Simon | Wallenpaupack Area School District
    Hillary Smith | Wayne County Chamber
    R. Jay Starnes | Western Wayne School District
    Colleen Steelman | Davis R. Chant Realtors
    Marcy Swingle | The Honesdale National Bank
    Diane Szader | Wallenpaupack Area School District
    Lisa Tait | Wallenpaupack Area School District
    Gail Tucker | Greater Honesdale Partnership
    Betsy Turner | Wayne County 911 Center
    Michelle Urban | The Dime Bank
    Brandie Weist | Wayne County Chamber
    Orley Mae White | North East Search Services
    Wayne Wilcha | Wayne Bank
    Brian Wilken | deWitt Media
    Derek Williams | Wayne County Planning
    Jim Williams | JW Consulting
    Ketih Williams | Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau
    Michelle Williams | The Dime Bank
    Jane Woodward | A.M. Skier Agency

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